Petrushenko Victor Leontiyovich

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Petrushenko Victor Leontiyovich
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Ph.D., Head of Department
Birth date August 1, 1946
Birth place Cherkasovske village,

Novoannynskyy district of the Volgograd region

Citizenship Ukraine
Alma mater Kyiv State University of Shevchenko
Graduated 1975
Specialty «Philosophy»
Qualification level Doctor of Philosophy
Academic status Professor
Current position Lviv Polytechnic National University Department of philosophy

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences

Petrushenko Victor Leontiyovich - Ph.D., head of the Department of Philosophy Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Lviv Polytechnic National University.


Born August 1, 1946 in the village Cherkesovskomu, Novoaninskoho district of the Volgograd region family farm worker, a former veteran.

He lived and studied in the village field (farm them. Williams).

After high school he studied at the Kiev River College (at certain times - Professional water transport); for the first secondary education - navigator technician (specialty - "navigator river and small sea voyage").

He worked on ships c. Mykolayiv city. Ishmael city. Chernobyl, served on a military ship in. Balaklava.

In 1970 he entered the philosophical faculty of Kiev State University. Shevchenko, who graduated with honors in 1975

Since this year is the Department of Philosophy Lviv Polytechnic National University; he rose from assistant department head for her (since 2002).

His research interests have always been associated with the history of world philosophy, but from the perspective of identifying it and existential human cognitive abilities.

In 1979 he defended his thesis on "The Value of social and epistemological in the research of knowledge" (c. Lviv)

in 2003 - his doctoral thesis on "Knowledge as a form of communication and awareness of life" (c. Odessa).

In 2005 received the title of Professor in Department of Philosophy.


Training and educational activities associated with several universities Lviv Polytechnic National University, National University "Ostroh Academy" philosophical department Drohobych State Pedagogical University. Ivan Franko University "Lviv Stavropigion" and PreCarpathian Institute. MSGrushevsky AIDP.

Developed a working curricula of a number of philosophical disciplines, including courses "Philosophy of Science and Technology" (the first in Ukraine), "cognitive science", "Metaphysics and ontology", "Culture". Author developed the structure of the course "Philosophy" for higher educational institutions of III - IV accreditation under which built textbook author (stand 5 publications).


RTEmagicC Pochesna gramota MONU.JPG.JPG Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine] (2004)

RTEmagicC Pochesna gramota LP.JPG.JPG Diploma Lviv Polytechnic National University (2008)

Scientific Research

Scientific interests - the history of world philosophy from the perspective of identifying it and existential human cognitive abilities.

Scholarly Activity

Scholarly endeavors

Author of numerous scientific, methodical and journalistic works (with more than 100 publications). Among them - four scientific monographs, 2 manuals, written alone, the first collaboration, and 4 textbooks prepared for his editorial. Has publications outside Ukraine (Russia, Japan, Poland).


st. Metropolitan Andrey 5, 79013, Lviv 4th building, room 328

tel ..: +38 (032) 258-26-41