Yuriy Rashkevych

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Yuriy Rashkevych
Vice-Rector for research, educational work and international relations
Birth date September 24, 1955
Birth place Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Alma mater Lviv Polytechnic
Graduated 1977
Specialty Automated control systems
Degree Doctor of Technical Sciences
Current position Lviv Polytechnic National University, S.Bandery Str., 12,room 325, Lviv, Ukraine
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Yuriy Rashkevych - Vice-Rector for research, educational work and international relations, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the department of Automated control systems of Lviv Polytechnic National University.


Yuriy Rashkevych was born September 24, 1955 in Ivano-Frankivsk. His father, Mykhaylo Rashkevych, was a teacher and his mother, Oksana Rashkevych, was a doctor. After graduating with honors from Starosambir school in 1972 he entered the faculty of Automation at Lviv Polytechnic. He studied at "Automated control systems". After graduating with honors in 1977, he was left to work at Lviv Polytechnic. He worked as an assistant, an associate professor and since 1992 as a head of the department of Automated control systems. In 1986 he defended his thesis at the Institute of Cybernetics (Kyiv), and in 1997 - his doctoral thesis at the Research Institute of Information Infrastructure at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv).

Scientific work

His scientific activities include adaptive technologies of transforming the structure of speech signals for task analysis, transformation, synthesis and transfer voice messages via communication channels. He is the author of more than 100 scientific works, including monographs and 12 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Under his supervision 6 theses were defended. Yuriy Rashkevych is the Chairman of the Academic Council for the doctoral theses in four specialties, the editor of journal "Computer Science and Information Technology" of Lviv Polytechnic National University, a member of the editorial board of several other scientific journals. Since 1991 Yuriy Rashkevych is Vice-rector for research, educational work and international relations of Lviv Polytechnic National University. With his assistance the university has become a regional center of international educational and scientific-technical cooperation. Also there were signed agreements on international cooperation with more than 50 universities in Europe, according to which each year more than 200 teachers and students will attend foreign schools, the same number of foreign tourists will visit Lviv Polytechnic, the mutual scientific and technical conferences are held, international projects are accomplished, cooperation in the cultural and the number of foreign students are increased.

Yuriy Rashkevych coordinated a number of major international educational projects according to the Tempus, USAID, CIDA, financed more than $ 1 million each. After Ukraine had joined to the Bologna process Yuriy Rashkevych led two international projects according to the Tempus, whose themes were dedicated to implementation of the European Credit Transfer System and modernization of university governance in the process of entering the Ukrainian educational institutions in the European educational space. Yuriy Rashkevych is actively involved in the introduction of new information technologies in the educational process, is the author of a monograph on the subject and led two Japanese-Polish-Ukrainian projects for transfer of information technologies in Ukraine.

During his time as a Vice-rector Yuriy Rashkevych repeatedly passed probation and paid working visits in the leading universities in Austria, England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, USA, Canada, Taiwan and other countries.


1987 - medal of Leipzig exhibition of young scientists achievements (Germany),

1994 - Diploma of honour of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,

2004 - "Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine",

2007 - Breastplate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Petro Mohyla".