Yuriy Bobalo

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Yuriy Bobalo
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Birth date 23 of July 1945
Birth place Dunaiv village Peremyshliany district, Lviv region., Ukraine
Wife Sofia Bobalo
Nationality Ukrainian
Alma mater Lviv Polytechnic National University
Specialty Radio electronics
Current position Lviv Polytechnic National University, S. Bandery Str., 12
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Yuriy Bobalo (укр. Бобало Юрій Ярославович; born July 23, 1945) - rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Born in the village Dunayiv, Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region. Graduated from Lviv Polytechnic Institute specializing in Radio electronics.

Professional activity

1973 - 1975 – Chief of educational laboratory of Radio Engineering Systems and Devices Department of Radio Engineering Faculty (REF) of Lviv Polytechnic Institute

1975 - 1980 – junior teacher at Radio Engineering Systems and Devices Department of REF

1980 - 1984 – postgraduate of Moscow Aviation Institute named after S. Ordzhonikidze

1984 - 1986 – junior research worker of branch research laboratory of REF of Lviv Polytechnic Institute, senior research worker of the same laboratory

1986 - present – lectures at Theoretical Radio Engineering and Measuring Department (as junior teacher, associate professor, professor). Major lecture courses – “Control and Diagnostics of Radio Electronic Equipment” and “The Basics of Radio Circles Theory”

1986 - 2002 – Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Work

2002 - 2005 – Vice-Rector for Scientific Work

2005 - 2007 – First Vice-Rector

Since May 2007 – Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University

Scientific interests

Scientific interests are concentrated on the sphere of reliable development of radio electronic equipment. Y.Bobalo is the author of over 130 publications, among which there is a monograph “System Analysis of Quality of Precise Radio Electronic Equipment Production” (1996), manuals “The Basics of Radio Electronic Devices Reliability” (1998), “The Basics of Radio Electronics” (2002), “Methods of Radio Electronic Devices Reliability Calculation” (2005), a textbook “The Basics of Radio Circles Theory” (2006). 4 PhD theses have been defended under his supervision.

Scientific degrees and academic titles

1985 – Ph.D. of Technical Sciences in speciality 05.12.17 “Radio Engineering and Television Systems”;

1995 – senior research worker in speciality “Radio Engineering and Television Systems and Devices”;

2000 – Associate Professor of Theoretical Radio Engineering and Measuring Department;

2004 – Professor of Theoretical Radio Engineering and Measuring Department.

State awards and distinctions of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

2004 – Diploma of Supreme Council of Ukraine;

2004 – Breastplate “Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine”;

2005 – Breastplate “Petro Mohyla”;

2006 – Honorary Title “Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine”;

2007 – Distinction of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Sign of Honour”.