Technical College

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Technical College
Abreviation TC
Established 1990
Liquidated 2004
Liquidation cause reorganization
Director Hanna Shemeliuk, Ph.D.
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General Information

Technical College (Lviv Polytechnic National University) is the structural educational unit of the university, based on national property of Ukraine and is higher establishment of І-ІІ levels of accreditation. A technical college is accredited to status of higher educational establishment of I (first) level. Technical college is a short name of College.

A college carries out the preparation of specialists of academic levels bachelor, junior specialist and qualified worker.

History of creation

The educational establishment was created by the order of the Ministry of folk education of Ukraine № 151 on 5.07.1990 with the title of a higher professional college — technical college. The educational establishment obtained a status of college in 1997 (order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 312), in the same year it was brought to the state register of educational establishments under the name the Lviv technical college.

In 2004 the Lviv technical college was renamed into the Technical college (Lviv Polytechnic National University) (order of the Ministry of education and science № 348 on April, 28, 2004). In March, 1994 a higher professional college — a technical college joined the educational and scientific-industrial complex "Haltek" created on a base of Lviv Polytechnic State University.

A close collaboration with Lviv Polytechnic provided an opportunity to involve the faculty and staff of university in teaching activity in the college, to create the integrated curricula for every specialty, that allowed college graduates to continue their studies in the college from second or third year of relevant institutes of the Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Besides for teaching the college students, logistical, scientifically-methodical base and library fund of university are used.