Lviv Polytechnic

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Lviv Polytechnic
Abreviation *
Established 1921
Liquidated 1939
Liquidation cause reorganisation
Predecessor Higher Polytechnic School
Successor Lviv Polytechnic Institute

Lviv Polytechnic (1919–1939)

In November 1919 to the Polytechnic College was incorporated with Academy of field crops in Dublyany and with High School of Forestry in Lviv. Associated institutions constituted the Department of Agriculture and Forestry. In order to prepare teachers of mathematics, physics and chemistry and drawing for secondary and special schools it was opened a general faculty (1921).

Polytechnic School received a new status of higher technical educational institution. Its Charter was approved by the general meeting of professors and adopted on June 20, 1920. It covered economic and administrative authorities. The governing bodies of the self-government are: the general meeting of professors; Senate (organized by the senior professors); Council of departments. Rector is elected for one academic year, the executive body by rector becomes the Senate that was composed of the secretariat, police headquarters (Finance), intendatura (building management).

January 13, 1921 Polytechnic School was renamed to the Lviv Polytechnic.

Mechanical laboratory.
Arch. B. Minkevych

There were six departments. Department of Land and Water Engineering consisted of three departments (land, water, geodesic) and 19 besides - equipped astronomical and meteorological observatory of seismographic station, museum of geology and mineralogy. The Department of Architecture had two divisions (art and design) and consisted of 8 departments with laboratories - photographic and modeling. The Department of Chemistry consisted of 10 departments and in its structure also was laboratory of technology problems with potassium salt, physical laboratory, ceramic experimental station. The Mechanical Department had 3 divisions - engineering, electrical, oil - and 19 departments where radio engineering and aerodynamic laboratory, museum engineering were working. The Department of Agriculture and forestry consisted of 18 departments. The general Department (operated during 1921-1933) and consisted of mathematical, physical, chemical and groups drawing.

Науково-технічна бібліотека.
Арх. Т. Обмінський