Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Systems

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Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Systems
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Abreviation IBEE
Established 2001
Founders Lviv Polytechnic National University
Head of department Sc.D., Prof. Zenoviy Blikharskyi

“Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering” is teaching and structural, it was established in 2001 on the basis of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, one of the oldest in Lviv Polytechnic. The Institute structurally consists of two academic departments: the Dean’s office of basic higher education that graduates bachelors, and the Dean’s office of complete higher education that qraduates masters and engineers.

History of the faculty

In 1844 in the Lviv Academy of Engineering, which emerged on the basis of real school, there was a profile department of building, which was engaged in training of civil engineers and architects. The first steps in training of builders-specialists were carried out under the supervision of Professor Yulian Zakhariievych, whose work is directly related to the design (1872) and construction (18733-1877 gg.) of the Main Building of Lviv Polytechnic. At the same period at the engineering department of Lviv Academy of Engineering the profile department of building of roads and bridges, healed by Professor J. Yohenman, was established. Since 1872 the engineering and architectural departments of Lviv Polytechnic Academy trained builders, architects and traffic engineers. Taking into consideration the specialized departments the year 1872 can be considered the year of establishment of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

List of Departments

  • The department of highways;
  • The department of building production;
  • The department of building constructions and bridges;
  • The department of bridges and building mechanics;
  • The department of hydraulic and sanitary enginering;
  • The department of strength of materials;
  • The department of heat and ventilation.
  • Fields of study and specialties of the institute

    Field of training and specialty

    • Construction
    • Industrial and civil construction
    • Municipal construction and economy
    • Building constructions, products and materials
    • Heat and ventilation
    • Highways and airfields
    • Water supply and water disposal
    • Bridges and tunnels
    • Fire safety
    • Hydraulic engineering (water resources)