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Institute of Architecture
Abreviation IARCH
Established 2001
Affiliations Lviv Polytechnic National University
Location 12 Bandera str., Lviv, 79013 main building, 328-th room
Web-site Official page

General information

The architecture specialty in Lviv is the oldest one in Ukraine and was opened in 1730 at the Lviv University. In 1844, after the example of Vienna, Technical academy was set up in the city and architecture was shifted into its structure. In 1877 the faculty was placed in the newly build facility, which was constructed by the project plan of Vienna Technical Academy’s graduate and a native of Halychyna Yulian Zakhariyevych. At the same building, that is now a main one, the architecture faculty is situated up to date. Today the faculty of architecture, which in 2001 was reorganized into Institute of Architecture, is headed by Doctor of architecture, professor, member of an Academy of architecture of Ukraine and the Saxonyan academy of arts Bohdan Cherkes.


For a long period of time there were no architectural departments in European Universities, and the Architecture was only a trade. Gradual transition to University education in the Held of Architecture started at the end of the 17th century, first in Italy and France, and later in other countries. Since 1730, University education for architects was instituted in Lviv, namely at the Lviv University. After the first modern higher technical educational establishment was opened in Paris in 1794 in line with the new trends, a number of other similar higher educational establishments were founded. In 1844 the modern Technical Academy was created in Lviv. The Academy was rated the eighth in Europe based on the level of education provided. At that time, the Department of Architecture was transferred from the Lviv University to this modern technical higher educational establishment. Since then and until now, Lviv School of Architecture has been a part of Lviv Polytechnic, and has a status of the Department. It is necessary to note that the Department of Architecture with Lviv Polytechnic is the oldest school of architecture in Ukraine, which functioned regularly; and is also one of the oldest continuously practicing architectural higher educational establishments, equal in status to the universities, in the Central Europe.

At first, the campus of the Department of Architecture was located in the old part of the City, on Teatralna Street, close to the "RYNOK" market place. Since 1877 the Department of Architecture moved to a new campus of the Lviv Polytechnic built in 1872-77 (at: 12 S. Bandera Street). The campus, which became a well-known masterpiece of architecture, was designed by Yudian Zakharicvich, Ph.D. in Architecture, an outstanding architect and lecturer, who held the position of the Rector of Lviv Polytechnic for a long time.

In the next decade, due to the combined efforts and creativity of a great number of people, major trends were developed and significant results achieved by the Department of Architecture with Lviv Polytechnic. The following people played considerable part in the development of Lviv Polytechnic: Professor Edgar Kovach, Professor Gustav Bizants and his successor Tadey Obminskiy, Professor Yan Sas-Zubrytskiy and his successor Marian Osinskiy, Professor Adam Minkevich, and others. The well-known Ukrainian Architect, Ivan Levynskiy contributed a lot by his creative activities and initiative. Each of them left a great number of architectural works of art and scientific research works.

The significant role in the history of Lviv School of Architecture was played by a outstanding personality and highly valued creative activities of the Architect Ivan Bagenskiy, Ph.D. (1883-1967). For more than twenty years in the post-war period, until December 1966, he was the head of the Major Chair of Architecture with Lviv Polytechnic, when he shared vast accumulated experience of the Lviv School of Architecture with the students.

In October 1971, the Department of Architecture was reopened as an independent department of the Lviv Polytechnic, after temporary unification with the Department of Construction Engineering in the post-war period. After the Department of Architecture was reopened in the period from 1977 to 1991, it was headed by the Professor Anclriy Rudnytskiy, and since 1991 - by Bogdan Cherkes.

These days the Department of Architecture with Lviv Polytechnic maintains the best conventional trends, establishes and develops All-Ukrainian and international relations in the field of scientific and creative work, and provides training for architects.


  • Department of Architectural Constructions (AC)
  • Department of Architectural Design (AD)
  • Department of Design and Architecture Basics (DAB)
  • Department of Design of Architectural Environment (DAE)
  • Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Complexes (RRAC)
  • Department of Urban Planning (UP)

Offers programmes leading to the degree of:

Bachelor in the fields of:

  1. Architecture
  2. Design
  3. Restoration of works of art

Specialist and Master in such majors:

  1. Architecture of buildings and structures
  2. Town planning
  3. Architectural environment design
  4. Reconstruction and restoration of architectural objects
  5. Graphic design
  6. Interior and equipment
  7. Landscape architecture
  8. Restoration of works of art

Today at the Institute of Architecture 1400 students are studying, whereas in 1994 the number of students was only 475. Together with the Kyiv National University of building and architecture, it is the biggest in Ukraine. For the last five years there contest among university entrants is 3-4 enrolments for 1 student place.

The students of the Institute starting from the 2nd academic year are actively involved into the research work. The teachers and students of the Institute participated in 130 exhibitions of all ranks, having exhibited 733 displays. Also they received the awards on the annual contests of the best diplomas of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk, Charkiv, Odessa, Kyiv, Poltava, and in general won there 89 prizes. The analysis of the fulfillment of the diplomas and their annual defends shows, that the preparation of the specialists is conducted on the very high level. The subject area of the diplomas is very topical and 61.1% of diplomas are made by the order of different state and private organizations of various levels. Altogether within the last 5 years 409 students have defended their diploma works and the State examinational committee has recommended 241 (57%) works for the practical introduction.

Postgraduate course

The educational process is provided by 135 teachers, 67 of them have academic degree. There are 10 doctors of sciences and professors working on the chairs. In the last 5 years 4 doctor’s and 23 Ph.D. theses were defended by the staff of the Institute of Architecture.

The teachers of the departments improve their professional skills and knowledge at the leading research and planning organizations of the Lviv, Ukraine and also abroad, particularly in Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA and China. On the basis of researches’ results 15 monographs and 1023 articles were published and 708 lectures were presented on the international, all-ukrainian and university conferences.

Relations of the Institute

The international relations of the Institute have broad geography and are concerned on the participation in the international conferences, scientific trainings of the teachers and the common work of the teachers and students with the universities from other countries, including the Europe, America, Asia, and North Africa. The collaboration with the faculty of architecture and dimensional planning of Vienna technical university develops particularly active. The Memorandum about this cooperation is in force from 1995. 320 teachers and students took part in different scientific and educational events within the scope of this cooperation. In the course of this agreement, for example, in November 2005 the anniversary Ukrainian-Austrian conference and exhibition “Relationships with Vienna” was conducted in Vienna, which was dedicated to the tenth anniversary of cooperation between Vienna technical university and Lviv Polytechnic National University. Thanks to this cooperation quite a number of teachers were able to carry intensive scientific research out, to write and defend their candidate’s and doctor’s dissertations, to bring to complete and to publish monographs.

Within the last years 18 international student workshops were conducted, especially in Warsaw, Venice, Vienna, Graz, Kyiv, Krakau, Crimea, Lviv, Moskwa, Odessa, Paris, Florence and Shanghai.


The Institute’s team conducts scientific research according to the business contracts through the scientific research laboratories, which function on the chairs of Architectural constructions, of Design of architectural environment, of Restoration and reconstruction of architectural complexes, and of Architectural design). 87 business contracts were performed during 2003-2008.

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