Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences

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Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences
Abreviation IMFS
Established 2001
Head of department Sc.D., Prof. Petro Kalenyuk
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Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences is a a teaching and a structural unit [Lviv Polytechnic National University], which was created in 2001 at the Department of Applied Mathematics. Institute structurally consists of two academic departments: faculty of basic higher education that prepares bachelors and faculty of complete higher education that prepares masters and specialists.

Historical background

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences (IAMFS) was established in November, 2001 at the Department of Applied Mathematics to combine within a single structural unit departments that provide fundamental training for students of all basic directions. Trainings of highly qualified specialists for current and future needs of society are provided within three degree granting departments: Applied Mathematics, International Information and Engineering Materials and Applied Physics.

Department consists of 173 teachers, including 27 professors, doctors and 143 candidates of sciences. The head of IAMFS is the Doctor of Science, Professor Petro Kalenyuk.

Material and technical base of training consists of 9 computer rooms and 41 laboratories equipped with the latest technology and software. All computers are connected to the local network. Students have the option of accessing resources through the Internet.

Highly qualified teachers, specialized clubs, competitions, participation in international conferences and competitions provide students with invaluable experience and a wide range of knowledge in computer systems and networks and advanced computer information technology.

IMFS students regularly participate in the festival called Spring of Polytechnic, win at city, region and country sports competitions. Also, student’s government is actively developed and student’s council is functioning, which is an advisory body in dealing with many issues.

IMFS graduates can work in research institutions, design offices, manufacturing enterprises of different ownership, in government, insurance companies, banks, stock exchanges, international companies and offices, educational institutions of II-IV accreditation levels.

Thorough and deep training of the institute allows students to become winners of the annual national and international competitions.

List of Departments


  • RL obtaining and studying the physical properties of semiconductor materials (RL-10)
  • RL of ways to improve the properties of steel and special alloys (RL-13)
  • RL for analysis and synthesis of structural-functional systems (RL-58)
  • RL of Computational Mathematics (RL-63)
  • RL of methods of image maps, the theoretical foundations of their application and use in CAD and engineering (RL-66).