Institute Of Power Engineering and Control Systems

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Institute Of Power Engineering and Control Systems
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Abreviation IPEC
Established 2001
Head of department Sc.D., Prof. Andrii Lozynskyi

Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems is the teaching and research institute of Lviv Polytechnic, which was founded in November 2001 as a result of the University structural reorganization. The institute comprises nine departments.

General information

Departments of the Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems train specialists to work in the important socio-economic spheres — obtaining, conversion, the saving use of energy, and control of its flows that is essential for the life and the development of people and society as a whole.

Training in energetics started in Lviv Polytechnic in 1891 on the basis of mechanics department. Since August 1944 after the restoration of Lviv Polytechnic Institute, electrics specialties were centered on electric engineering department, which later became the basis for the radio engineering, heat engineering, electromechanics, and power engineering departments.

High qualification of the specialists is provided by quality training: fundamental (complex of disciplines such as mathematics, physics, computer science and programming), professionally oriented (theoretical basics of power engineering, applied software, the theory of automatic control) and vocational (electric cars, electric drive, electric stations, electric systems and networks, electricity supply systems, microprocessor control system, etc.).

Over 25 PhDs, professors and over 100 associate professors are working at the departments of the institute.

The institute has over 25 teaching and research laboratories, public educational and scientific centers of Inter-Elektrokomplekt and Schneider-Electric companies. Students are equipped with modern personal computers. The students’ involvement into the research activities carried in the special design bureau of electromechanical systems, research laboratories of important areas of the development and improvement of heat and power engineering, electricity supply systems, electromachanics, automated control systems and computer integrated systems contributes a lot to the training of future specialists. The best students’ works win prizes in competitions; they are published in scientific journals, and results obtained in research laboratories are efficiently implemented in production and in the learning process. Students of the institute are annually granted scholarships by the President of Ukraine, The Supreme Council, Regional State Administration, Lvivoblenergo PJSC and Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

In computer classes of the institute, students learn to use modern computing technologies for research and design of electromechanical transducers and systems, power and energy transfer systems.

Each department of the institute is preparing qualified specialists of higher qualification at the postgraduate course.

The mastering of modern computer technology, economic training in management and marketing as well as humanitarian university training enable graduates to become specialists who are able to work in the public and private sectors of production, in the spheres of repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.

List of institute department

Institute fields of study and specialties

Field Specialty
Heat and power engineering
  • Heat and power engineering
  • Thermal Power Plants
Electrical engineering and electrical technologies
  • Power Plants
  • Electrical systems and networks
  • Electrical power systems of electrical energy consumption (due to types)
  • Systems of control of electricity production and distribution
  • Energy Management
  • Electrical machinery and apparatus
  • Electrical systems and vehicles complexes
  • Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive
  • Electrical appliances
Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
  • Automated process of control of technology processes