Grigory Denysenko

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Grigory Denysenko
Grigory Denysenko
Birth date 29 April 1919
Birth place Khodoriv village, Kyiv region
Died 24 May 1998
Burials Baikove Cemetery
Years of life 1919 — 1998
Alma mater Electrical Engineering Department of Lviv Polytechnic Institute
Award Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Hero of Labor

Grigory Denysenko (29 April 1919, Khodoriv — 24 May 1998, Kyiv) — ukrainian scientist, Candidate of Engineering (1956), Doctor of Engineering (1963), Rector of Lviv Polytechnic Institute (1963 — 1971), professor (1964), member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1969), advisor to the Directorate of the Institute of electrodynamics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1989).


Grigory Denysenko was born 29 April 1919 in peasant family. At 10 he became an orphan and his brother educated him. Some times later Grigory Denysenko moved to Kharkiv. He passed exams and entered Electrotechnical Institute, but because of war left studing. Soon he became a lecturer in Military School in Samarkand. Then Grigory Denysenko worked as a teacher of the High Officer Self-Propelled Artillery School. Only after that he became a 4-courses student in Lviv Polytechnic Institute. Grigory Denysenk graduated Institute at 1948, fild of study: power plants, systems and networks.

Grigory Denysenk was one of the best student, that's why he started to work there.

  • 1948—1951 — Senior Laboratory;
  • 1951—1953 — Head of Research Sector;
  • 1953 — master's thesis;
  • 1953—1955 — Senior Lecturer;
  • 1955—1959 — Docent;
  • 1959—1962 — Dean of Energy Department;
  • 1962—1963 — Pro-rector of Educational Work;
  • 1963 — doctoral's thesis;
  • 1963—1971 — head a Lviv Polytechnic Institute;
  • 1969 — member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • 1971—1987 — Rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Research activities

Grigory Denysenko investigated electromagnetic and energy processes in electrical networks. Also he analyzed the reliability of networks. Grigory Denysenk worked on fundamental basics of renewable energy and developed a construction of the combined power systems based on them.

Research Papers

Grigory Denysenko prepared more than 270 scientific publications, 7 monographs and received 22 copyright certificates. The most popular themes were: power transmission AC and DC current by overall wires; problems of creating mathematical models for transfer of energy by pulsating current; electromagnetic processes; energy of solar, wind and water in national economy. Major works:

  • Simultaneous power transmission AC and DC current by overall wires (1969);
  • «Renewable energy» (1983);
  • «Electrical systems and networks» (1986);
  • «Transfer of energy by pulsating current» (1971).

Grigory Denysenko worked for international scientific cooperation, his papers published in the US, UK and Japan.

Awards and honors

1969 — Honoured Scientist of USSR. Honorary Doctor of Wroclaw Polytechnic Institute. 1986 — Hero of Socialist Labor, medal "Hammer and Sickle". 1967, 1981, 1986 — Order of Lenin. 1971 — Order of the October Revolution.


Scientific and technical library of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Grigory Denysenko. Annotative board was seting in frontage of cientific and technical library of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute at 1987. Plaster relief after Grigory Denysenko set in 1st Corps of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute