Dmytro Fedasyuk

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Dmytro Fedasyuk
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Vice-Rector for Educational and Pedagogical Work
Birth date January 29, 1955
Birth place Rakivchyk village Kolomyya district, Ivano-Frankivsk region,Ukraine
Worked at places Lviv Polytechnic National University
Resident Ukraine
Alma mater Lviv Polytechnic
Specialty Radio Engineering
Degree Sc.D.
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Dmytro Fedasyuk - Vice-Rector for Educational and Pedagogical Work (for Bachelor Studies), Head of Software Department, Doctor of Science, Professor.


Dmytro Fedasyuk was born on January 29, 1955, in Rakivchyk village Kolomyya district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the peasant family.

Having finished secondary school in 1972 he entered Lviv Polytechnic, faculty of Radio Engineering. In 1977 he began his career as a design engineer in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology and Control systems (RPA «System» Lviv). After working in the direction in 1980 Dmytro Fedasyuk returned to "Lviv Polytechnic" for scientific work.

Scientific work

Working in a research laboratory at the department of Radio engineering during 1983-1984 he was studing at post-graduate education without quiting the job.

He defended his PhD thesis in "Computer Aided Design" at Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics in 1985. Since then he has been teaching at the "Lviv Polytechnic". Dmytro Fedasyuk defended his Doctoral thesis on "Automation of the design work" in 2000 at the "Lviv Polytechnic", and in 2002 he was given the rank of Professor.

During 2002-2005 he was Secretary of the Academic Council and since 2005 - Deputy Chairman of the Special Council on candidate and doctoral theses. Under his supervision, a number of candidates were prepared. He has published two monographs, a tutorial, more than 140 scientific papers, including in world leading journals. Dmytro Fedasyuk made his speech at international academic conferences in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Armenia, Russia and others.

Now Dmytro Fedasyuk is a member of the editorial board of several collections of scientific papers, a chairman of the organizing committee of the International Conference "Computer Science and Information Technology."

During 2004-2008 Dmytro Fedasyuk headed the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". Since 2004 he also manages the department of Software. Since February 2008 Dmytro Fedasyuk is Vice - Rector for Educational and Pedagogical work.

He is a member of the scientific-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for Informatics and Computer Technology, the member of the subcommittee on software engineering. Dmytro Fedasyuk is the member of the working group and co-author of the industry standard of higher education in Ukraine with Bachelors direction "Software Engineering". He is the member of the Advisory council of the State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of Computer Science and Technology and National Security under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Dmytro Fedasyuk led two international research projects funded by the EU and NATO, is engaged in informatization of all areas of "Lviv Polytechnic": the introduction of new information technology in administrative and educational processes.

Scientific interests

His research interests are mathematical modeling and information technology design, modelling and analysis of heat and electric processes in microelectronic systems, information analysis systems, Internet technologies, technology, software development and more. Under his guidance, a number of methods and software tools for computer-aided design of microelectronic systems were developed and implemented .


Dmytro Fedasyuk was awarded with "Honoured Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine".

Public work

He always takes an active part in the social life of the university and the city. In the period of democracy and the revitalization of the national movement Dmytro Fedasyuk led the Cultural Association of the Ukrainian language "Prosvita" ("Enlightenment") at the department of Radio Engineering. From inception, in 1989, he is the member of the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society. And during 1990-2005 he was the secretary of the commission of Informatics and Cybernetics, physics and mathematics sections. Since 2004 he is the member of the Presidium of the Shevchenko Scientific Society and in 2006 he was elected a full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society.

Despite the employment of organizational, scientific and methodical work, Dmytro Fedasyuk has interesting hobbies: reading, skiing, mountain hiking, gardening, photography, music.